Dr. Mukes Kapilashrami


Dr. Mukes Kapilashrami

Director of Operations - George Washington Solar Institute

School: School of Engineering and Applied Science


Tompkins Hall 725 23rd Street, NW, Suite 103 Washington DC 20052

With specialized training in applied physics, Dr. Mukes Kapilashrami is a recognized scientist in the field of nanotechnology focusing on advancing next generation zero carbon energy innovations. In his previous tenure at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and University of Wisconsin-Madison, Dr. Kapilashrami’s research focused on advancing next generation silicon free photoelectric systems, and materials innovation for clean energy and smart sensor applications.

Dr. Kapilashrami has also served as Environmental Affairs Officer/Deputy Chief of Environmental Affairs at one of the United Nations largest peacekeeping missions in the Sub-Saharan Africa with 13 000+ personnel (uniformed and civilian) strength. In this role, he led programs quantifying the mission’s environmental footprint and translating technical analyses to policy, developed strategies accelerating decarbonization of UN's field operations and monitored implementation. Serving as an advisor on renewable energy technology investment, he assisted in developing the mission's environment action plan and environment management system coordinating with UNHQ and partner peacekeeping missions.

Dr. Kapilashrami brings unique experience and perspective from working across various facets of renewable energy adaptation, mitigation strategy and climate sustainability; from cutting edge scientific research to policy development and technology implementation.


Ph. D. Condensed Matter Physics, Royal Institute of Technology (Stockholm, 2009)

M. Sc. Materials Science and Engineering, Royal Institute of Technology (Stockholm, 2005)

Research Interest

Renewable Energy Innovation | Environmental Management System | Science Policy | Energy Security and Resilience | Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation | International Environmental Affairs and Relations

Journal and Scientific Advisory Panel Service

Dr. Kapilashrami previously served on the board of managers in the Washington DC chapter of the American Chemical Society, and has routinely contributed to advancement of science and innovation serving on numerous review and editorial panels, including -

American Chemical Society | American Petroleum Fund | American Institute of Physics | Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering Elsevier Springer | U.S. Department of Energy | Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Lightsource | Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Selected Publications

Books/book chapters

M. Kapilashrami, ‘Climate Action: From Multilateral Meetings to Action’ in Handbook of Multi-level Climate Actions: Sparking and Sustaining Transformative Approaches, Ed.(s) M. Starik, G. P. Rands, P. Kanashiro and J. Deason, Edward Elgar Publishing, Ltd. (Manuscript in preparation 2021)

D. K. Anand, D. A. Hazelwood, M. G. Pecht and M. Kapilashrami, Engineering for Social Change –Engineering is not just engineering, CALCE EPSC Press (ISBN: 978-0-9846274-7-9)

M. Kapilashrami, Y.-S. Liu, P.-A. Glans, and J.-H. Guo, Soft X-Ray Spectroscopy and Electronic Structure of 3d Transition Metal Compounds in Artificial Photosynthesis Materials’ in From Molecules to Materials – Pathways to Artificial Photosynthesis. Ed.(s) E. A. Rozhakova and K. Ariga, Springer International Publishing © 2015 Invited


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