Enrollment Options

Three options are available to those who may want to learn about greenhouse gas management within the program. Select the one you prefer and follow the instructions for that option.

Option A: Certificate Students (not also seeking a graduate degree)

This is the normal path for students seeking this Certificate and the option you should select if you wish to obtain joint certification in greenhouse gas management from The George Washington University Environmental and Energy Management Institute and the Greenhouse Gas Management Institute. To obtain this certificate apply for admission as a certificate student, register for, and successfully complete the four required courses.

To apply for the Greenhouse Gas Management certificate program, complete an application online. Applicants will need to create a profile at gw.force.com and complete the appropriate application form. Additional requirements for admissions must also be submitted through the online system and can be found by clicking here.

Once a prospective student applies, the application is reviewed by the Engineering Management and Systems Engineering (EMSE) Admissions Committee. You will be notified of the results. If you are admitted into the program the next step is to register for your courses as they are available.

Option B: Degree Candidates (Master’s and PhD) seeking the Certificate

With aproval, the GHG online courses (EMSE 6290-6293) can count as electives in regular on-campus graduate degree programs in EMSE.

Students may obtain the certificate in Greenhouse Gas Management while studying for a graduate degree at George Washington University. If you are already enrolled in a graduate program at George Washington University, you may apply for admission to the Certificate Program and enroll for each of the four required courses. After successfully completing the courses you will receive the appropriate certificate. You do not need to pay the application fee; apply for a waiver of this fee. Contact [email protected] to arrange this waiver.

If you are not yet enrolled in a graduate program at George Washington University, you should complete the normal application process for your selected program. After admission to the program you may register for certificate courses as described above.

You may take courses within the certificate program in Greenhouse Gas Management and apply for admission to either the Master’s or PhD program in the Department of Engineering Management and Systems Engineering at George Washington University during your course of study. The credits you earn in the courses in greenhouse gas management (EMSE 6290-6293) can be applied towards the credits needed in that graduate program.

Option C: Non-Degree Students wishing to take one or more courses but not the Certificate

If you are not enrolled in a graduate program at George Washington University and you do not wish to obtain the Graduate Certificate in Greenhouse Gas Management but you wish to take one or more courses in the program, then you may enroll as a non-degree student.

Non-degree students must complete a non-degree application as a “general study” student. Application instructions and requirements can be found here.

Non-degree students will not have to submit letters of recommendation or Statement of Purpose but the latter is recommended.

During registration, non-degree students should select the field “Greenhouse Gas Management.”