GWSI Archive

George Washington Solar Institute

2009 - 2021


In 2021 The George Washington University Solar Institute (GWSI) merged as part of the University’s Environmental, Energy Management Institute (EEMI). Professor Scott Sklar served as Acting Director of the GWSI after the departure of its last director, whilst serving as Sustainable Energy Director at EEMI.

Whereas the GWSI started as being solar-promotional and solar-centric, now that solar energy generation - light, heat, and electricity - is mature - the technology is being merged with other high-value energy efficiency, other renewable energy generation technologies, and with a vast array of energy storage - both thermal, electric, and mechanical.

The issues have changed from "proof of technology" to optimization of technologies such as in:

  •     Smart electric grids
  •     Net-zero energy, zero-energy, and green buildings
  •     Microgrids, and hybrid energy systems
  •     Community solar, and microgrids
  •     Infrastructure resilience, and continuity of operations

As a result, the EEMI and GWSI teams thought working together was more effective than working in parallel.

The synergies of working with EEMI Co-Directors Professor John Deason and Joe Cascio and their Board and staff, and with our new Director of Operations at the GWSI Dr. Mukes kapilashrami, along with a vast cast of GWU faculty and students - will make us more effective, and our work more practical and rewarding.

We look forward to working with you!