GW Solar Institute

Generating Pragmatic Energy Solutions

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Founded in 2009, The George Washington Solar Institute (GWSI) has built a strong reputation as a leading source of knowledge, analysis, research and networking on clean energy trends and policy. GWSI identifies, generates, and shares pragmatic policy solutions to catalyze the adoption and scale of zero carbon energy innovations for power generation and storage.

The GWSI conducts objective analysis, research and networking to advance and highlight politically attuned policies, educates a rising generation eager to contribute to a sustainable future, and collaborates with thought leaders, influential stakeholders, and decision makers. Its insights and partnerships promote innovative new public policies, regulatory approaches, and government investments that will enable solar energy to reach its full potential for creating jobs, replacing fossil fuels, and realizing a sustainable energy future.

As part of the EEMI and the larger George Washington University community, the GWSI embraces a multidisciplinary approach to both research and education working closely with key stakeholders and partners representing the government, private sector and academia.