Environmental and Energy Systems Management Certificate Program

Program Description

The Environmental and Energy Systems Management (EESM) Certificate Program is designed to enable students to become proficient in implementing environmental and energy (E&E) management systems based on consensus standards, including the ISO 14000 and ISO 50000 series. The focus is on managing the E&E risks and opportunities of organizations through knowledge of the application of standards, the techniques for implementing them, and the processes for testing the conformity of resulting systems. The target audience consists of practicing professionals working as E&E auditors, analysts, project managers and related activities who also seek familiarity with E&E legislative and regulatory regimes, technical and social forces influencing the use of fossil fuels, and their relationship to sustainability, to health, to climate change, urban air quality, building design and operation, and transportation. Further, the program develops expertise on the general nature of voluntary consensus standards and how they are created nationally and internationally. More than 250,000 E&E systems based on such standards have already been adopted globally by government and non-governmental organizations.